Look at My Eyes Pearl Eyeshadow Base

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Good evening ladies!!
I'm back with a review about another Etude House product! Lol.
It's Etude House Look at My Eyes Pearl Eyeshadow Base. Well, i only know a kind eyeshadow base which is Proof10 Eye Primer then i think it's the first eyeshadow base in cream form made by Etude House. It's come with a cute packaging as always, is the quality is as great as its look? We'll see! :)
Comes with beige colour of packaging and a cute swirly text printing read "Look at".
The back side.

It comes with a pearly beige colour, creamy texture but not sticky at all.

Here are some swatch:
Upper: Swatch without blending, Lower: Swatch after blended

What do you think? Have you ever tried this eyeshadow base?
I'll post my EOTD with this eyeshadow base tomorrow, so stay tune :)

That's all I wanna share about, thanks for visiting and reading my post.
Hope you find it useful :)

Lotta Love,


  1. oh i love these kind of light coloured shimmery eye shadows.beautiful!

    1. Yesss, me too ^^
      Love shimmering eyeshadow !

  2. so pretty, where I can get this?
    this is the first time I see Etude House has eye shadow base like this..:)

    1. You can get this on Bell's Etude House, the link is on left sidebar..
      Yess, and i love the colour :)